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  1. Internet: A robust [and preferably dedicated] internet connection. Something like this:Just get on the computer or network you will be using and type into Google “Test My Internet Speed”
  2. Devices

    All presenters need to login via a desktop or laptop computer.

    Close any non-essential programs, windows, and tabs on your computer, so that only WebinarJam and any programs you need for your presentation are operating. Streaming a live event requires quite a few resources, so shutting down programs like DropBox or Spotify that may run in the background will provide a better webinar experience.


    3. Browser

    For presenters, we recommend Google Chrome, but Firefox is a good alternative as well. Be sure your browser is current. Other browsers are not recommended and will show an error message.

    NOTE: Presenters cannot use browsers other than Chrome or FireFox; however,  attendees can still view webinars from other browsers.

  3.  Video: A webcam or two that can show off your ensemble and connect with the webinar software. Because the software can broadcast whatever is seen on your computer screen, you can utilize additional software to coordinate multiple camera angles if you choose.
  4. Audio: The best microphone you can get your hands on. We recommend trying a few options in the venue where you plan to stream your performance from. Most ensembles will sound best further out in the room rather than right next to the performers. We highly recommend if you are using more than one microphone to run it through a sound mixer, then output the mixer to your computer.

That’s it! If you have any other questions, please contact us: [email protected]

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