Welcome Munford Band





This is your Virtual Bandroom, where you’ll come to learn how to record and submit your part.

Here is the full process:


Step 1: Learn your part

Practice makes perfect! Learn your part well and practice with the the backing track recording here.

Step 2: Record a video of you playing your part

Make sure you’ve practiced and are ready to perform the piece at the tempo of the recording. Watch this video first for guidelines on setting up your equipment for optimal recording! Videos that do not meet these criteria may not be usable in this project. For now, you can stop watching once Whip and Spur begins to play. After you have everything set up, return to this video and make your video recording starting with the count-off to start your video camera.

Step 3: Review, rename, and upload your recording

Review your video recording on your device to be sure you did your very best, you used the proper camera orientation and angle, and we cannot hear the backing track in your recording. Please take the time to redo the recording if these criteria are not met.

Next, rename your video in this format: Part Name – Your Name. For example, “Clarinet 1 – John Smith”. The ‘part name’ should read exactly as it does on your sheet music. 

Next, press the big red button below to upload your video recording!

if you have trouble with the upload, you can email your video or questions to:

[email protected].

Here’s a big shoutout to GPG Music who provided the use of their entire catalog to this project. Show them some love!

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