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Below are the rules for IMES Showcase Ensemble livestream performances, not your application recording.

1. All music played must be from the approved catalog provided by the International Music Education Summit.

2. The major portion of each program must include works not longer than ten minutes.  On longer works, appropriate cuts should be made. The total concert time, including any song introductions, music remain under 30 minutes.

3. The final program, submitted in April, cannot be changed once it is approved.

4. The International Music Education Summit Management reserves the right to assign and delete selections as necessary according to the rules, and to make suggestions for performance order.

5. Students must be enrolled in your school to perform with your group (though a former student may be a guest soloist).

6. The International Music Education Summit reserves the right to approve all soloist and guest conductor appearances.  Each program is allowed a maximum of five conductors, including the principal conductor.

7. The performing groups may not solicit any IMES sponsors, partners, presenters, attendees, or audience members for funds.

8. The International Music Education Summit Showcase Ensemble concerts are designed to present new music, showcase talent from around the world, and to assist those interested in instrumental music education in better pursuing their profession.

9. The International Music Education Summit reserves exclusive recording rights of performances and clinics.

10. The International Music Education Summit reserves the right to withdraw a group’s invitation at any time during the year when given sufficient cause, such as in the case of a director change.  Any significant change to an ensemble’s status, such as a director change, must be reported to International Music Education Summit immediately.

11. All deadlines set forth by International Music Education Summit staff must be adhered to and all documents requested must be submitted.

12. Your submission of this application to International Music Education Summit indicates that you have read the above International Music Education Summit music-programming rules and, if accepted to perform, will abide by them throughout the planning process. Failure to do so could result in your ensemble’s invitation being withdrawn.

Submit any questions you may have to [email protected]

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