CSI Connect Presenter Training #2

Because this training was extra-thorough, I’ve set these videos to start at the point where the specified content is discussed. For example, if you’d like to review the part of the talk about the Slide Show features, click on the video under the ‘Slide Show” heading. Of course, you’re also welcome to watch the entire training from beginning to end!

If you have questions, just email me: [email protected]¬†

Play from the Beginning


Multiple Presenters

Organizing for Success

Connectivity Issues

Tips for Creating Your Slides

Dealing with the Delay

IMPORTANT: You Must Read the Chat Questions and Comments Out Loud!

Avoid Long Pauses…Here’s Why

Distilling Your Presentation

Audio and Video and Screenshare

Customizing Your Webinar

Elisa’s Top Tips

Request to Speak 

Privacy Policy

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