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And a big congratulations for joining us in 2019 for the International Music Education Summit.

Please BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can refer back to it as you go through your next steps…which are….


1. Create Your Login and Password


First, you’ll want to create your LOGIN and PASSWORD. All of the content for the Summit will be protect and this is how you’ll access it.

2. Join the Teacher's Lounge


CLICK HERE to join the Teacher’s Lounge.

This is the space where you can virtually network with the other participants, presenters, and partners in the 2019 International Music Education Summit.

If you have questions, need trouble shooting, want to access downloads, or have any other needs, the Teacher’s Lounge is a great place to go for that help.

Join now and start connecting with the presenters and other participants!


3. Check Out the Schedule



You can view the most current schedule of clinics, workshops, sessions, and concerts HERE. You can also choose which session you’d like to virtually attend on this page as well. 




4. Meet the Presenters



The line up of talent for the 2019 International Music Education Summit is outstanding! You can see who they are HERE.


5. Share the Summit


Like all good things in life, this professional development experience is better when shared.

Spread the work about the Summit by using this URL:

2019 International Music Education Summit


6. Meet Our Partners



The Summit couldn’t happen without our corporate partners! They help us to keep costs low and value high.

CLICK HERE to learn more about each of our partners.



7. Stay in Touch



Have more questions? Need some troubleshooting? Contacting Summit management via the Facebook Page or email:

[email protected]

While you’re on the Facebook page, check out the recent posts and feel free to share with your friends and colleagues.



You’re part of something totally innovative in Music Education today! Bravo!

Use the image below to let the world know you’re attending:

Get access to 60+ hours of professional development in the 2018 International Music Education Summit Archives

*If you have registered on behalf of someone else, please email them this page:


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