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Group 1
Marcie Truby
Student Group Travel: Keeping your Kids and your Money Safe
Danika White
Maintenance Monday: Keeping Instruments in Shape One Week at a Time
Jenna Palensky
Specdrums and the Music Classroom
Shawna Longo
Coding + Composition: Incorporating STEAM Extensions in the Music Classroom
Dale Duncan
Successful Sight Singing: Fun and Easy Ways to Excite and Engage Your Students
John Mlynczak
Retaining the Tech-Savvy Generation
Michelle Warshany
Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors: Creating a More Inclusive Music Classroom
Ray Benton
How to Build Critical Listening Skills With Technology
Steve Holley
Differentiated Instruction in the Ensemble Rehearsal; developing a more inclusive ensemble experience
Andy Beck
SING-ALONG! Alfred Choral Reading Session with Andy Beck
Andrew Hitz
Instilling a Growth Mindset in Your Students for the Practice Room, Rehearsal Room and Beyond
George J Hess
Flipping the Music Classroom
Steve Giddings
Being Your Best Rock Coach: How to Start a Rock Group at Your School (part 1)
Ramon Rivera
Mariachi Music Education
Melanie E Stapleton
Full Inclusion: Self-Identity In the Classroom
Group 2
Stacey Stoltz
Teaching Abroad: Secrets for Having the Musical Adventure You’ve Always Wanted
Eduardo Patricio
Usage of the 3D sound in music education and rehearsal recording
Janine Slaga
Musical Inquiry in the Student-centered Classroom


Ryan Sargent
Get Students Thinking and Engaged Using Self-Assessment
John Ivers II
Using Music Technology to Empower and Engage Your Students

Mary-Elizabeth Brown
High-Tech Teaching: Using Technology to Reach More Young Musicians
Lauma Kazaka              Motivate your Students by Playing Together
Graham Hepburn
Guitars, Ukuleles, and Non-Traditional Strings
Keynote Address by Marcia Neel
Anthony C. Dahl
ColorFULL Band Concert Clinic
Liz Benoit Crew
Strings 101: The Science, History, and Care of Strings
John Thomas Mlynczak
Digital Rules: Sheet Music Do’s and Don’ts in the Digital Age
Marc Sabatella
Open Source Sheet Music and Easy Worksheet Creation: Notation Software for the Modern Music Educator
Michelle Warshany
The Secondary General Music Assignment: The Best Part of Your Day
Linda Seamons
Manipulatives in the Elementary Music Classroom
Steve Giddings
Being Your Best Rock Coach: Songwriting Within the Rock Band/Classroom Setting (part 2)
Dale Duncan
Classroom Management for Middle School Music
Steve Holley
How to add elements of Popular Music Education to your Program
Mark Reid
Relational Pedagogy: Building Relationships, Improving Instruction, and Mastering Classroom Management
Mandy Hollingshead
Building Classroom and Community Rapport in Minimal Time
Pete Barter
Be More Engaging: 5 Ways to Capture Your Students and Build Rapport from the Start
Mandy Hollingshead
Ultimate Efficiency: Technology Shortcuts in the Music Classroom
Group 3
Adam Paltrowitz
Choral Educator and Classroom Expert from Northport, NY, USA
Creating a Positive Learning Environment
April Vargo
Virtual School for the Performing Arts founder from Whiting, IN, USA
Music and Entrepreneurship
Dr. James Frankel
Head of Digital Education for the Music Sales Group, and Director of MusicFirst from New York, NY
Technology Engagement
Shane Colquhoun
Educator | Producer | Arranger | Composer from Auburn, AI, USA
Small School, Big Program
Steve Giddings
Rock Coach, Educator, and Author from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Being Your Best Rock Coach Part 3
Adam Paltrowitz
Choral Educator and Classroom Expert from Northport, NY, USA
Motivating Students to Exceed Expectations
Rulon Brown
Professional Saxophonist and Creator of KeyLeaves from Issaquah, WA, USA
$avvy Tips to Reduce Repair and $ave Your Woodwinds
Elisa Janson Jones 
Funding Without Fundraising 
Theresa DucassouxMiriam Capellan, and Brittany Gonzalez
Meet Them Where They Are: Fostering Collaboration and Success Between Vocal and Instrumental Music Teachers
Richard Cangro
Allowing Choices or Making Demands: Classroom Management in Music Education
Patrick Rehker
Equipment Selection for Single Reeds
Jessica Peresta
Optimizing Work-Life Balance for Music Educators
Steve Giddings
Sound with Steve: The Basics of Live and From Source Sound
Theresa Ducassoux and Kathryn Finch
Empowering Your Music Students
Dan Tricarico
The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom
Nottelmann Music
Band Instrument Repair Clinic
Erica Darr
Unity in Diversity
Elizabeth Caldwell
Teaching World Music Holistically and Accurately
Phil Heeley
4 Ways To Transform Your Teaching And Your Students’ Learning With The Latest Free Music Technology
Jim Bailey
Know Your Options – Understanding Drum Head and Implement Selection
Truike Boekholt
Singing Games From Around the World
Adam Paltrowitz
Motivating Students to Exceed Expectations
Dr. Tammy S. Yi
Back of the Orchestra: High School Students Experiences With Alternative Seating Practices

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